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Tunnel Mill Crafts Calendar, 2023

Revised: December 1, 2022

Note: All Classes are taught at:
28036 County Rd 1, Spring Valley, MN 55975

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2023 Classes and Events----

Community Education Classes; Beginning Blacksmithing
New instructor this year! Luke Venhuizen

3-night classes 6:30-9:30
Monday evening classes, April 17, 24 & May 1, 2023
Tuesday evening classes, April 18, 25 & May 2, 2023

Luke Venhuizen started his metalworking journey 1n 2015. He is always striving to learn new things and improve his skills. He has taken many classes at Tunnel Mill Crafts. He is also a member of the Midwest Knifemaker's Guild where he enjoys meeting new people and sharing stories with old friends. Some of his metal work projects have included fire pokers, knives, axes, and other tools.

Come to historic Tunnel Mill for the annual beginning blacksmith classes. Basic blacksmith techniques will be taught: heating, drawing out materials, upsetting, bending, and twisting techniques in steel material. Students will start by making fire tending tools and move on to spend time on special projects as desired. Questions: Contact Carol Adams at 507-289-4189. www.tunnelmillcrafts.com

A $100.00 supply fee will be collected at class to cover all 3 weeks of projects. Dress for safety.
Please bring ear and eye protection; bring gloves. Tunnel Mill Crafts Co Hwy 1 Spring Valley, MN 55975

Barn Quilt Block Class

9:00 - 5:00

April 29th, 2023
Come to Historic Tunnel Mill in the valley and paint your own Barn Quilt Block.
During the class you will work on your pattern that you have chosen from one of the offered blocks and start taping and painting your barn quilt block.
Tips on taping and painting your barn quilt block will be taught.
We will offer some basic patterns and sizes for you to choose from ahead of class.
Time needed to accomplish projects may vary, so we will discuss the possibility of an extended class time if needed.
The product we are using is an aluminum composite which is very light weight and durable for exterior use.
Sizes to choose from are 4x4, 3x3, 2x2 and/or 12"x12".
Prices are as follows $200.00, $150.00, $100.00 and $50.00. each.

Supplies will be furnished for the completion of the blocks. We will furnish paints, rollers and brushes as needed.
You will need to call ahead to preorder size wanted, pick out designs and discuss color options.
Additional questions are welcome. Call Carol Adams 507-289-4189 or 507-990-1504. www.tunnelmillcrafts.com
Rochester Community Education

Quilt Retreat in the Country

Friday May 5, 4:00PM-, Sunday May 7, (mid afternoon) 2023

Come to Tunnel Mill for two lovely days in the country and a quilt retreat (or what ever you wish to do)
Bring your sewing machine and quilting supplies.
Spend two worry free days cutting fabric, sewing or quilting in a large sewing room with individual tables, electricity and plenty of lighting.
Irons and ironing boards provided.
Enjoy leisurely meals on the large deck. 5 meals, snacks and light beverages included. BYOB if wanted.
The cost of your weekend including meals is only $150.00 and will be collected the first afternoon of the retreat.
This fee includes dorm style housing in the mill.
There are 3 Gypsy wagons available for a small additional fee, and 1 individual cabin., for a small fee.
Call ahead to reserve.
Carol Adams 507-289-4189
Location Tunnel Mill Crafts
28036 County Road 1
Spring Valley, MN 55975.
Rochester Community Education

Folding Pocket Candleholder
Tom Latane'

June 10th and 11th, 2023

Students will forge a wrought version of a brass candlestick shown to me by another smith.
Construction will consist of four elements:
-The candle cup, spread from the same bar that is forged to create the doubled upper stem (cut to form two knuckles of a hinge);
-The spike, forged with a tab that becomes a leaf of the hinge;
-The small pad which serves to prevent a candle stub from falling through and provides the tenon on which the retaining lever
-The retaining lever, which secures the spike in a vertical position, for standing up on a block of wood on a table, or a horizontal
    position, for wedging into a crack in a log or timber wall.
Filing to fit will be necessary and filing to embellish will be encouraged.

Community Education, Tin Smith class at Tunnel Mill Kitty Latane'

June 10th and 11th, 2023

Come to Tunnel Mill in the country for a Tin Smith class taught by Kitty Latane'
Choice of Tinware Projects

Starting with flat sheets of tinplate, students can make a pierced tin lantern or a tin cup, scoop and tinder box.
The students will cut pattern pieces from tinplate to form projects.
Some punching, folding, joining and soldering as needed to finish projects as instructed.
Call for more information. 507-289-4189 Carol Adams
Cost: 2-day class Saturday and Sunday, lunches provided. $275.00
Rochester Community Education

Mark Aspery 3-day class at Tunnel Mill
Friday August 11th - Sunday August 13th 2023: Extra l-day class Monday, August 14th.

This 3-day class is going to appeal to someone who has completed the basics and is looking for something more.

Mark Aspery Aug 2023 class pix
Aimed to key into ABANA's National Curriculum (NC), Mark wants to look at firstly the Basket Handled Poker - which is a cornucopia of forge welding techniques (Faggot, Jump and collar welds) as well as incorporating pulling a perpendicular leg from flat bar; something that we'll use for the NC-Level II Scrolling Wrench.

The second project will focus on forging a General-Purpose Leafing Hammer. This is also a Level II project, although the tools required to punch and drift the eye are found in the NC-LeveI I curriculum - the slot punch and hammer-eye drift. We'll make both tools and look at their heat treatment as part of the class.

The Scrolling wrench is also a NC-Level II project, and is forged from one piece by pulling the perpendicular leg from the flat bar at the vise. Both the hammer and scrolling wrench will be case hardened.

For those with a bit more time to spend, there is a Gate Latch class on Monday as an add-on class to the Friday thru Sunday class above.
The Gate latch project is the final project of the NC- Level I. The gate latch includes a weld to create the barb - and for the barb to work we need to add material (see photo). Punched holes and tenons are a part of the project, as they are required for the latch keep (see drawing).
For those seeking to work towards an NC qualification, please go to the ABANA website and download both the Level I and Level II log books sheets so that Mark can sign off on successful completion of a project.

Directions to Tunnel Mill:

28036 Cty Road 1
Spring Valley, Minnnesota

Tunnel Mill is located 20 miles south of Rochester Minnesota. Take Hwy 63 South out of Rochester to Stewartville, turn east on Hwy 30 to County Highway 1 (approx 5.5 miles). Turn south on County Highway 1. Follow CO HWY 1 6.5 miles to Tunnel Mill on the left side of CO RD Call about camping on the grounds. 507-378-4983 or 507-289-4189, Carol Adams. Lodging available in Spring Valley, 5 miles further south on CO RD 1.
Shady Rest 507-346-2625---Spring Valley Motel & Suites-507-346-7788

Class Registration Form

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Note: All Classes are taught at:
28036 County Rd 1, Spring Valley, MN 55975

For more information on any of the classes contact us at
jc-adams@msn.com, or call 507-289-4189 Carol Adams.

We are located in southern Minnesota. Tunnel Mill was an old water powered mill. Built in 1869. Retired in the late 1920's..
Located on the Bear River north of Spring Valley, MN.
Wooded 50 acres with a stream that runs through it.

Now, it's a place for crafts people and friends to congregate, relax and learn some of our forgotten crafts.

Watch for more classes!!