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Tunnel Mill Crafts Calendar, 2020

Revised: March 16, 2021

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2020 and 2021 Upcoming Classes and Events----


Community Education Classes Beginning Blacksmithing

Monday, April 12-April 26th 2021 and Tuesday April 13-April 27th 2021
6:30-9:30 PM

Basic blacksmith techniques will be taught: heating, drawing out materials, upsetting, bending, and twisting techniques in steel material.
Students will start out with a fire poker, either for a forge fire or campfire. second two class projects will be discussed.
A $95.00 fee, which includes supplies, will be collected first night of class. Official sign up is with Community Education.
Contact me with any questions.
Carol Adams


MAY 21, 22, & 23, 2021
Come to Tunnel Mill for two lovely days in the country and a two day quilt retreat!
Bring your sewing machine and quilting supplies and enjoy two days of worry free cutting fabric,
sewing, quilting, scrapbooking or whatever.
Five (5) meals furnished, other snacks and beverages provided.
Enjoy leisurely meals on large deck.
Large sewing room with individual tables, electricity and plenty of lighting.
Iron and ironing boards provided.
Dorm style housing or rent your own little cabin or a gypsy wagon for an additional fee:
Gypsy wagons $50.00 for two nights, $30.00 for 1 night.
$140.00 for weekend. Call to discuss accommodations.

Friday, late afternoon to set up and get acquainted.
Saturday all day through Sunday 4:00 pm to do your own thing.

Located 18 miles south of Rochester on Country Rd 1.
Thanks for your interest 507-289-4189.
Carol Adams


Tunnel Mill Annual Fall Gathering October 2, 3, & 4th, 2020

Update, September 30, 2020
Come and join us in the valley.
Social distancing and masks provided! (in fact how about tye-dying your own mask?)
We all need to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and admire the beautiful fall colors ..Hence the Annual Fall Gathering at Tunnel Mill. Come for the day or weekend!
Come and enjoy an outdoor fire pit, forging in the great outdoors and meeting of friends we have not seen for a while. Nothing like standing (or sitting) around a campfire with friends.
Enjoy Myron's fresh fried curly potatoes and Roger's great fry bread.
Anyone need a bottle opener? Dave Weiss will show you how to make one!
Also a Damascus demo. Other forging to take place.
Food available.. Coffee & hot cider.. (See Below)
Bring things for show & tell. Display your quilts in the quilt barn!
Wine sampling (or drinking) 4:00 in the barn.

Hope to see you there!!!

Please bring items for show and tell.

Registration for the weekend.. Please let me know if you will attend by September 28th, 2020
Camping available on grounds
Phone or e-mail__________________________________________
Weekend admission $5.00 per day/10.00 for weekend
Meals available for the following costs..
Friday evening potluck
Saturday October 3, 2020
9:00 Donuts & coffee $3.00
12:30 Lunch-soup & sandwich $7.50
3:00 Wine & Cheese (bring a bottle to share)
6:00 Dinner---Pork, Beans, Scalloped Potatoes, Coleslaw $12.00
Sunday October 4, 2020
8:00 Biscuits & gravy $6.00
12:30 Chili, cheese & chips $7.50
Send Registration to:
Carol Adams
4505 Morris Lane NE
Rochester, MN 55906
507-289-4189 or 507-990-1504

Ric Furrer-Door County Blacksmith- August 14, 15 & 16, 2020.
Three Day Damascus Knife Class
$450 per person

Rick's Description of the Class:
Damascus knife class (Pattern-welded)

As in years past we will weld a stack of layered steel, forge it into a bar, shape that bar into a knife.
From there you will grind, heat treat, and etch that knife prior to attaching a handle.
You can explore more complicated patterning techniques if you wish, but the more time you spend on the blade the less time you have to complete the knife.

If you wish to make pattern welded bars under my guidance for future projects that is just fine as well.....You could spend three days making pretty steel.

One steel billet is provided with the class fee and other billets are available for purchase.

Tunnel Mill is a special place and you will enjoy the experience.

Ric Furrer

Rick Furrer with sword
Ric Furrer with Sword

Rick Knife beside billet Grinding a knife blade

knife blade with tang showing damascus build up details on blackboard
Check out Ric Furrer at http://www.doorcountyforgeworks.com/
Watch his videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/RicFurrer

We had a great class with Ric Furrer the end of August this year.
Students wore masks and practiced social distancing. We all gave everyone their own space.
It was a beautiful weekend and meals were mostly on the deck of the mill.
Looking forward to our Annual Mill Gathering October 2, 3 & 4th, 2020. Hope to see you there!
We do have two classes set up for October with Tom Latane' and a Tin Smithing class in October with Kitty Latane'.
Precautions will be taken for every one's wellbeing.

Here are some pictures of the activities at Rick's class this year:

Tom Latane' October 9, 10, & 11th, 2020.
Combination padlock

Note: More pictures coming soon!
latane combination lock
Class Description:
Students will produce a fist sized three or four wheel combination lock with a removable pin and a pivoting bail.
Rings will be formed and brazed to plates and letters or numbers stamped on the perimeter.
The plates will be pierced to fit over a rolled tube with a slot for the toothed spine on the retaining pin.
The plates will be cut to allow the spine on the pin to pass in the correct configuration.
The caps that hold the discs on the tube can be ornamented with file-work.

Derek Olson and Tom Latane'
Combination workshop, Wood & Metal

More info to follow.

Take a look at last year's May 2,3, 4 and 5 "Tunnel Mill Woodwork and Blacksmith Class Combination", below.

Douglas Pryor

Be on the lookout for a new class, June 20 and 21 of 2021.

2019 Classes and Events, for Reference-----

May 2, 3 4, & 5th, 2019
Tunnel Mill Woodwork and Blacksmith Class Combination

Pictures from this 2019 Class:

Make a Slant Lid Tool Chest with Derek Olson and metal hinges for the chest with Tom Latane'

In this special 2 part class, we can offer 8 students the opportunity to work with Tom and Derek as follows:
Students will be divided into two equal groups. One group will work 9AM - 1PM (or 8:30 - 12:30) in the wood shop while the other is in the blacksmith shop.
After lunch the groups will switch places and work 2PM -6PM (or 1:30 -5:30).
Students may choose to work in either shop (space permitting) in the evenings.

The Slant Lid Tool Chest Woodwork Portion (Taught by Derek Olson)
Chest Closed Chest Open 1 Chest Open 2
Three Views of the Chest that we will make. It measures around 22.5 inches tall, 12.5 inches deep and 28 inches wide.

Olson/Latane' Chest Complete
Here is the completed Prototype Chest.

Tool chests are a simple solution to the age-old problem of protection and portability for their prized possesions. While many old tool chests resemble basic box-like chests, the Slant Lid with a fall front variety is an attractive alternative that can be simpler to build , lighter to transport and easier to work with.

This will be a dual woodworking/blacksmithing class where students will not only build the chests but forge the hardware. The class will be split into two half days with half the class woodworking while the other half is smithing , then the class will rotate at mid day.

The woodworking portion of this class will utilize traditional hand tool woodworking tools and is a great introduction to those skills. You will learn dovetails to join the base of the cabinet, and cut dados for the shelves.
Rabbetting and tongue and groove joints will complete the back, and cleats fastened with clinched nails will complete the lid.
The class is a lot to accomplish but the dillegent student will be rewarded with a handsome chest and hardware all completed by their own hands.
Skill Level:
It's a great experience for both beginner and for intermediate level woodworking students.

The Slant Lid Tool Chest Forging Portion (Taught by Tom Latane')
Latane hasp hinge Latane conestoga box 1 Latane conestoga box 2

Some Forged Hardware Options, using Conestoga Wagon Box Hardware as examples

In the forging portion of this class students will hammer out the hardware for the chests in the blacksmith shop. The basic hardware will consist of a pair of hinges and a hasp, inspired by the ornamental iron on the slant-lidded boxes of Conestoga Wagons. These hinges will pivot on a clinched staple (rather than on a pin through carefully fitted knuckles) making this a simpler project for the beginning smith and allowing the more experienced smith to concentrate on the decorative work. The more experienced smith (or proficient woodworker spending extra time in the blacksmith shop) may want to make extra ornamental straps or handles for the sides of the chest (all of which will be demonstrated by the instructor as needed).

Skill Level:
-Beginner to intermediate smith,
-Any woodworker able to drive a finishing nail without damaging the wood should have the hammer control to accomplish the forging.

May 31, June 1 & 2nd,

with Douglas Pryor
We are welcoming Douglas Pryor back for his third year with us.
This year Douglas is doing "scientific illustrations" including plants, and insects.
Pictures from this 2019 Class:


Should be a very interesting class as usual,

June 7, 8 & 9th,
Steel Trivet or Side Table

with Jennifer Horn
Pictures from this 2019 Class:


Jennifer Horn is a Certified Journeyman Farrier and artistic Blacksmith who has been serving the northern Michigan horse owner community since 1990.
"In addition to my career as a farrier I am also a creative Artist-Blacksmith.
The skills I have employed in my horseshoeing business have allowed me to branch into the artistic blacksmith world where I enjoy working with hot steel to create fun, beautiful and functional works.
I operate Daisy Hill Forge in Sault Ste. Marie. I am an active member of the Executive Board of the Michigan Horseshoers Association.
I've also served in many different ways to other aspects of the farrier industry.
I participate at state level farrier competitions and have competed with the World Championship Blacksmiths, LLC.
I am a member and regular demonstrator for the Michigan Artist Blacksmith Association.
As a member of ABANA I demonstrated under the farrier tent at the 2018 conference.
I love learning and continuing to further my education and skills by attending several class and workshops annually.
Clay Spencer is one of my biggest mentors, and I love learning about Francis Whitaker.
I am the mother of two wonderful boys, Brian and Jonathan Horn, ages 27 & 25.
I enjoy the outdoors, riding horses & my Harley Davidson Heritage Soft tail.
I enjoy travel in North America and abroad meeting new friends and seeing the old ones too!
And I love swinging a hammer!"

Jennifer Horn Trivet Top
Jennifer Horn Table, 3 Views
Jennifer Horn will teach us how to build an end table with round pass throughs, warps, square corners,
forge welds, and other traditional metalworking techniques.

October 11, 12 & 13th,
Decorated Hammer Heads

with Tom Latane'

Pictures from this 2019 Class:



Tom Latane' Decorated Hammer Head
Students will forge a hammer head and then chase the cold steel to ornament the form.
Acanthus leaf, greenman face, and rope border motifs will be demonstrated.
There will be some demonstration of tool forging, heat treating, and grinding, but to get the most work accomplished,
students should prepare some tool blanks (to be ground as needed) or finished tooling before the class.
Specifications will be sent to registering students.
Students who wish to work with steel other than 1045 (which anneals nicely for cold chasing) may bring their preferred steel.
Anyone wanting to forge a hammer of wrought iron with steel face and pein may also do so.
Skill level- Intermediate to advanced.

Directions to Tunnel Mill: Tunnel Mill is located 20 miles south of Rochester Minnesota. Take Hwy 63 out of Rochester to Stewartville, turn east on Hwy 30 to County Highway 1 (approx 5.5 miles). Turn south on County Highway 1. Follow CO HWY 1 6.5 miles to Tunnel Mill on the left side of CO RD Call about camping on the grounds. 507-378-4983 or 507-289-4189, Carol Adams. Lodging available in Spring Valley, 5 miles further south on CO RD 1.
Shady Rest 507-346-2625---Spring Valley Motel & Suites-507-346-7788

Class Registration Form

Class Contact Information

For more information on any of the classes contact us at
jc-adams@msn.com, or call 507-289-4189 Carol Adams.

We are located in southern Minnesota. Tunnel Mill was an old water powered mill. Built in 1869. Retired in the late 1920's..
Located on the Bear River north of Spring Valley, MN.
Wooded 50 acres with a stream that runs through it.

Now, it's a place for crafts people and friends to congregate, relax and learn some of our forgotten crafts.

Watch for more classes!!